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5 Ways to Grow

TheUnconscious art 150_905As children grow into adults they develop in 2 ways – one is cognitively as they move into language and concepts about the world. The other way is vivencially – which is from the direct experiences of life that leave imprints in body, in the feelings and emotions and ultimately in our natural processes such as our immune or nervous systems. These experiences have a direct impact on how we experience life, love, stress later on.

In Biodanza there are 5 lines of vivencial development are stimulated which cover the core aspects of non-cognitive life. These aspects are very important as it is they that determine our sense of well-being and our enjoyment of life.

The lines are Vitality, Sexuality, Affectivity, Creativity and Transcendence – click on the links to find out more about them. These lines of development are related to our natural instincts for life and when encouraged and nurtured provide an enriched existence. Sadly our culture often cuts, repressed or perverts these instincts – the results being war and violence, sexual perversion and rape, a society where people are left to starve and a sense of isolation and lack of meaning.

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