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What are the benefits?

Biodanza will help you to:


Feel Alive and Happy – Coming into an environment full of connection, smiles, latin music, chances to move your body and chances to feel deeply held by others, it’s hard not to have a smile on your face by the end of the class. What’s more, the system is designed to release a whole lot of hormones and neurotransmitters which just make you feel good – you can think of them as happy chemicals that help you to really appreciate and celebrate your life!




Improve your health – The effects of Biodanza are also designed to help your immune system to come back into balance, counter-acting the damaging effects of the stressful environments that surround us these days. When we consider that over 90% of dis-eases these days are due to the imbalances in the body caused by our lifestyles and over-riding of the natural instincts,┬áthen one can see how important Biodanza is in re-harmonizing us into well-being. In fact might not have ever felt as good as this in your life!


images (1)Connect to Others – Biodanza is a great place to meet others and to move out of isolated and depressive lifestyles. As well as enriched inner connections, biodanza allows us to find connection outsides ourselves without the limitations and judgements inherent in words but more through the poetry of the encounter – to meet without masks and without agenda to soothe and nourish each other. Very quickly participants feel held in a place of support that extends outside of the class and into their lives.




Increase your Creativity – As we start to remove the blocks in our bodies and minds through the dance the world of creative possibilities opens up and inspiration starts to move with each breath.



Meditation-2Wake up Spiritually – As you progressively deepens through sessions, then you start experience states of bliss where you feel a oneness with everything. This can happen in a deep inner experience called instacy where there is a deep communion with the soul. Or, in an expanded outer experience called ecstasy where you feel connection with all that surrounds you.

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