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What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is a system of personal and group development. It aims to offer you:

Vitality and Joy

Social Connection

Deep Relaxation

Creative Expression

Intimacy and Contact

Health & Wellbeing

Love and Support


It is suitable for all ages and there are no steps to learn – in fact is scientifically designed to make you feel good!

Practically, a class consists of a series of exercises (demonstrated by the facilitator) set to music – starting and ending in a circle we move through a ceremony together which helps us to connect to our sources of vitality and joy. Sometimes these exercises are quite lively and in connection with one or more people, other times they help us experience a more inner experience where our eyes are closed and our awareness is more on feelings and sensations in the body and breath.

biodanza_aniAlthough there is an overarching structure to a class, different themes and journeys are explored each week. Whatever the journey at the time, feedback and in self regulation are always emphasized – so nothing is pushed and there is no pressure to be anything other than what you are – each individual finds their way to grow at their own pace within the support of group. The atmosphere is of love and acceptance.

As well as being a lot of fun, Biodanza helps stimulate your growth and expansion in 5 ways. These are based on core aspects of our developmental path from or very earliest experiences and are extremely important for our enjoyment of life. These are Vitality, Affectivity, Creativity, Sexuality and Transcendence - more about these can be read in our 5 ways to grow section.

Ideally, Biodanza should be practised regularly and consistently in a weekly class which allow the effects to make lasting changes in the body, with more in-depth weekend workshops several times a year.

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