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Transcendence –  A Spiritual Biodanza Experience

lucid dreams - spiritual awakening

You might have experienced Biodanza as a light-hearted fun, connected opening dance experience – which it is. It also has the potential to work with a more spiritual aspect through trance states which reconnect us to the cosmos.

This workshop will consist of 2 vivencias (dancing sessions) which move progressively deeper into states of transcendence. There will be a short tea break in between and also a presentation of how Biodanza works with the spiritual aspects of our being – finding our connection to the cosmos and around trance states in general.

The word trance originates from “transir” – to transport oneself from one state to another and there are many different states of awareness that this can apply to.

Biodanza specifically works with integrative trance – one which helps us weave the various aspects of our being together. Rather than creating a dissociated state – which can happen during psychosis, through the use of some drugs or by more disembodied spiritual practices, it is an experience which is deeply rooted in the body – the aim being to restores our physical well-being and union with the cosmic whole. A profound sense of happiness is a normal result of this process. It is not a happiness that emerges from the mind but is felt in the organs and cells of the body.

We will be dancing this experience held in the safe container of the group and discovering more about generative postures found in artworks and dances across many differing cultures that seem to be universal to the human experience, what is happening physiologically in our bodies and our psyche, as well as part of the theoretical model of how the movement between states helps our genetic potential to emerge through certain lines of development.

Come wearing loose clothing for dancing and maybe a small snack for the break. Teas and
coffees are provided.

Cost: £30 (£20 earlybird before 10th July)
Time: 2pm-7pm
Date: Sunday 19th July
Venue: Lifecare Centre – 2 Cheyne St, Edinburgh

Booking in advance required – payment to jivank@aim.com on paypal.


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